XSplit Broadcaster is a great way to get creative with your streams and videos. It provides you with awesome features that will make streaming and recording videos convenient and easy. Here are some quick and easy steps to begin streaming and recording your console games on Broadcaster.

Adding your Console Gameplay

In order to get your console gameplay on XSplit Broadcaster, you’ll need to use a capture card device. These capture card devices allow you to send the video feed from your game console to your PC.

Most capture cards will be compatible with XSplit Broadcaster, but you can make sure by checking out our list of compatible ones here.

You can add your capture card feed by clicking Add Source > Devices > Video and then select your capture card from the list shown.

Adding a Webcam Source

Next, set up your webcam if you prefer being seen playing games in your stream or recording. Adding your webcam source does the same process as adding your capture card. Similar to the capture card device source, you can also drag and resize your webcam source to set it on your stream.

Hiding Sources and Source Settings

To hide a source, just click on the eye icon next to it on the source list.

Right-clicking on your capture card source will open its source settings window where you can change various settings and properties of the source. Selecting it from the source list then clicking on Settings will also make this window appear.

Setting Up Your Broadcast Outputs

With your game and other sources added, you’re ready to set up your Broadcast outputs. First, go to Broadcast then Set up a new Output. Just select the streaming services you’ll be using and a setup wizard will be launched to help you create your Broadcast output.

We have articles on how to set up your outputs for popular streaming services:

If you don’t see your preferred streaming platform, click on Find more outputs and you’ll be redirected to the Plugin Store where you can find more integrated broadcast outputs to install.

For other services that don't have an output plugin, you can stream using Custom RTMP instead. You can click here for more information.

Starting your Livestream

Once you've set up your broadcast output, click on Broadcast again and select the output you've created. A red status bar will appear at the top of the XSplit Broadcaster window indicating that you’re streaming live.

Starting your Recording

Choosing to record gives you the chance to edit it before uploading it to your gaming channel. To start recording, go to the Record menu then select Active Scene. This will record whatever scene is active or showing in the preview.

You’ll also be able to stop and pause your recordings through the same menu as well.

Alternatively, you can click the Stream or Record buttons at the top bar to start either of your mainly selected stream and recording outputs.

Local Recording Properties

Clicking the gear icon beside Local Recording will open up your Local Recording Properties.

Click here to learn more about these properties as well as other options such as Multitrack Audio.

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