So you want to be the next rising YouTube star? YouTube has made it possible for live streamers to get on board their biggest video sharing platform. XSplit Broadcaster will power your live interaction with your subscribers and here, we’ll show you how.

Step 1: Authenticate Your YouTube Account

When launching XSplit Broadcaster for the first time, click the YouTube logo on the log-in window and authenticate your YouTube account.

You will be prompted to connect YouTube to an XSplit account. You can choose between a new user, which will register a new XSplit account, or an existing XSplit user which will ask you to login to an existing account.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Presentation

Now, you’ll be brought to the main XSplit Broadcaster window. Here, you can add sources, which are anything that you want to present in your stream or recording such as your game, overlays or Twitch widgets. You can learn more about adding Sources by clicking here.

Step 3: Add a YouTube Output

Once your sources are set, let’s now setup your YouTube output. Go to the Broadcast menu and select YouTube to configure it. This will take you to a wizard that will setup your channel for streaming.

Step 4: Start Your YouTube Output

Once you’re set, you’re now ready to start a stream. Go on the Broadcast menu and select your created YouTube output. A red status bar should appear at the top of the XSplit Broadcaster application window showing that you’re live.

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