The Text source lets you display text with customizable colors, fonts, size, animation, and more. You can choose to create or load your custom script, text file format, text from remote URL, and general-purpose clock or timer.

Adding a Text source

  • Go to Add source and select Text…

Type in the text under the Content field, then click Ok. You can edit this later by right-clicking on the text source to open the text source properties.

Text Source properties


This is where you will type in the text you want to be displayed. Press Enter to add a line break. You can also use BBcode for custom formatting, size, color, and other effects.


Selecting Script gives you the ability to set a clock timer, load a text file from your local drive or from a remote URL, RSS feed reader, video list, or custom script. Click the gear icon for more script settings.



Lets you choose a different font type installed in your local drive. Click the white box to change your text font color.


Set the pixel value of your font outline’s thickness. Click the white box to change the font color’s outline.


Set your text content with bold, italicize, strikethrough, underline, and text format alignment.


Lets you set your text source’s font size automatically based on the text source plugin’s size inside your scene or you can manually adjust the font size based on a fixed value.


Drop Shadow

Add a drop shadow effect under your text source. This is best used to contrast with the background’s lightness and color for readability.


Click the colored box to select a different color.


Set the value of the drop shadow effect’s distance from the text source.


Lets you adjust the drop shadow effect’s position around the text source.


Set the value to create a softer drop shadow effect.


Set the value to adjust the drop shadow effect’s visibility.



Adds a scrolling effect to your text source.


Select the orientation of the scrolling effect whether right to left, left to right, bottom to top, or top to bottom.


The speed of the scrolling animation is pixels per second.

Line Limit

The number of lines to be displayed for vertical text scrolling.



Character or characters that will be used to separate the text into segments to be shown per face effect.


The length of time that a text segment will be shown before fading.

Fade speed

The length of time that the fading animation lasts.

Enable up to 60 FPS

Allows the text source animation to run on 60 frames per second. The staging frame rate must be set to 60 fps to fully enable this option.

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