Adds a function to create a slideshow of image and video files. You can control the playback, set volume and audio output device, add transition effects, enable looping, and set the time intervals. This widget supports OGG, WebM, and MP4 files.

Note: Adding high quality images and videos in browser sources may use up a lot of resources.

Adding images and videos to your Media Slideshow source

1. Go to Add source > General Widgets > Media Slideshow.

2. On the Add Media Slideshow properties window, click Add and select the image or video that you like to add into your Media Slideshow.

3. Select the image or video and click ▲ or ▼ to rearrange the order of your media slideshow. Being first at the top and last at the bottom.

4. Click OK.

Removing images and videos to your Media Slideshow source

1. Right-click on your Media Slideshow source to open its settings window.

2. Select the media file that you want to remove under the Videos and Images panel.

3. Click Remove.

Media Slideshow Settings

Audio Output

Set the audio output to either System Sound or Stream Only. You can learn more about audio outputs here.


Select an effect for your slideshow how the current image switches to the next. Scroll Right is set by default.

Transition Preview

Displays a preview of the transition effect currently selected.


Set whether to hide after the slideshow, stop at once, or it loops forever. Forever is set by default.


Set the time value (seconds) before the current image switches to the next. Time interval is set for 2 seconds by default.

Enable up to 60fps

Enables the slideshow to display at 60fps framerate settings. This option may require additional CPU/GPU resources.

Shuffle Items

Shuffles the order of your image and video files in the slideshow.

Remember playback position

Resumes the last image displayed in active scene.

Auto-refresh items

Refreshes the image or video file source when edit changes were made.

Video and Images


Adds a video file to your Video Playlist.


Removes a video file from your Video Playlist.


Click to display a preview of the image or video file. Click on either left or right arrow buttons to view the previous/next image.

Custom Interval

Set the time value (seconds) for the selected image/video within the general interval setting.

Loop video

Enable the selected video to loop back.

Remember video playback position

Resumes the last frame of the video displayed in active scene.

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