Adds a widget that allows you to create a playlist for multiple video files that can be automatically played in succession. You can customize the order and set video to repeat.

Adding videos to your Video Playlist source

1. Go to Add Source > General Widgets > Video Playlist.

2. On the Add Video Playlist settings window, click Add and select the videos that you like to add into your Video Playlist.

3. Select a video and click ▲ or ▼ to to rearrange the order of your video playlist. Being first at the top and last at the bottom.

4. Click OK.

Removing videos from your Video Playlist source

1. Right-click on your Video Playlist source to open its settings window.

2. Select the video file that you want to remove under the Videos panel.

3. Click Remove.

Video Playlist Settings

Audio Output

Set the audio output to either System Sound or Stream Only. You can learn more about audio outputs here.

Start at

Sets the timecode when the selected video will start.

End at

Sets the timecode when the selected video will end.


Set whether the video playlist or the selected video play only once, loop forever, or in custom (play more than once). Once is selected by default.

Force deinterlace

Enable to convert interlaced frames into non-interlaced which minimizes the lines showing up in your video. This option pop up once a video is selected under Videos playlist panel.



Adds a video file to your Video Playlist.


Removes a video file from your Video Playlist.

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