This widget displays live reactions to your Facebook Live broadcast as animations as they happen. You can customize the speed, size, direction, and select specific reactions you want to show.

This widget is not pre-installed, you will need to install them through the Plugin Store.
Once installed, you'll be able to find them under the Add source menu and then Facebook Widgets.

Adding the Facebook Live Reactions Animation widget

1. Go to Add source > Facebook Widgets then Live Reactions Animation.

2. The Facebook Live Reactions Animation widget will now appear on your scene.
This widget will automatically connect to your live video if you've authenticated your Facebook account with XSplit Broadcaster.
It will display Not connected to any Facebook Live video if you're are not currently broadcasting to Facebook Live.

Right-click on it to show its properties window.

Facebook Live Reactions Animation properties



Displays the currently authenticated Facebook account. Your Facebook account is automatically authenticated with the plugin if you login into XSplit Broadcaster using your Facebook credentials.

Click on Switch account to switch and authenticate a different Facebook account.


Displays which Facebook Live post the widget is connected to. This set to Automatic by default and will connect to the Facebook Live post you are currently broadcasting to. You can also change this manually by clicking the drop-down.
The status below will also display if the widget is Connected or Not Connected



Choose whether to animate the reaction emojis as a moving directional stream(Reaction Stream) or have the reaction emojis pop in and out randomly(Pop In/Out).

Direction (Reaction Stream only)

Choose which direction the emojis will scroll past in the Reaction Stream. Options for both horizontal and vertical travel are available.

Reaction Emoji Toggle

Enable or disable which reactions will show on the widget.


Adjust the time frame that the animation will finish. The animation time can be changed to a minimum of 1 second and to a maximum of 180 seconds.

Time Variation

Adjust the variance of the set animation time. Setting this to 0% will make all animations complete at the exact time set.

Emoji Size

Changes the size that the reaction emojis appear in the widget. The size can be as small as 8px or up to 999px large.

Size Variation

Enable to hide viewers' profile pictures from being displayed with their comments.

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