General Widgets consist of various plugins for improving your overall broadcasting experience. There are four (4) widgets that come installed with XSplit Broadcaster, ready for use and each widget adds its own unique control over what goes into your XSplit Broadcaster scene.

To locate the widgets, go to Add Source > General Widgets.

Image Slideshow

Adds a function to create slideshow of image (JPEG, GIF, and PNG) files. You can customize and set effects and transitions for your slideshow.

Media Slideshow

Adds a function to create a slideshow of image and video files. You can control the playback, set volume and audio output device, add transition effects, enable looping, and set the time intervals. This widget supports OGG, WebM, and MP4 files.

Video Playlist

Adds a widget that allows you to create a playlist for multiple video files that can be automatically played in succession. You can customize the order and set video to repeat.


The Whiteboard widget adds an interactive flash function that allows you to make annotations as an overlay.

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