is one the largest live streaming platform available right now and with the help of XSplit Broadcaster, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd. This broadcast output allows you to stream live video content straight to your Twitch channel.

Before you can start setting up your broadcast output, make sure that you have enabled 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) on Twitch.

You will be required to enable 2FA before you can begin broadcasting on Twitch.
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Setting up the Twitch broadcast output

  • Go to Broadcast > Set up a new output, then click Twitch.

  • Click Authorize and sign with the Twitch account you want to stream to and then click Next.

  • After authenticating your Twitch credentials, you’ll go through a setup wizard to determine the best ingest server, connection speed, and resolution. Click Finish once it’s done.

  • The Twitch Properties window will be shown if you wish to customize your stream settings.
    Note that the Setup Wizard will automatically set recommended values here already.

  • Click OK to save your settings.
    (You can always revisit these settings by right-clicking your Twitch profile in your Broadcast list, or by clicking on the gear icon next to it.)

Starting a Twitch broadcast

  • Go to Broadcast and click the Twitch profile or output you have set.

Twitch Stream Properties


Choose between Web Authentication which saves your Twitch credentials after authorizing or manually inputting your Stream Key from your Twitch Dashboard.

  • Web Authentication (Recommended)

    Selecting this option will let you authorize your account using your Twitch login. This option is selected by default.

  • Account

    Your Twitch account, click on Authorize button to register this detail.

Stream Key

Selecting this option allows you to input your Twitch username and stream key manually.

  • Username

    The Twitch username of the account you will stream to.

  • Stream Key

    The unique stream key is found under Stream Preferences in your Twitch Dashboard.

  • Server

    Choose which ingest server to use. It is recommended to use Automatic or the server with the lowest ping timing.

  • Confirm ingest server before broadcasting

    Allows you to choose the ingest server before you start livestreaming.

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