The Custom RTMP broadcast output allows you to connect to other streaming services using the stream URL and stream key.

Setting up the Custom RTMP broadcast output

1. Go to Broadcast > Set up a new output, then click Custom RTMP. The Custom RTMP broadcast properties will appear.

2. Enter your RTMP URL (or Stream URL) and your Stream Key. The ID can be gathered from the channel you are streaming to.

3. Click OK to save the settings.

Starting a Custom RTMP broadcast

1. Go to Broadcast and click the Custom RTMP output you have created.

Custom RTMP broadcast properties

Set a name of your Custom RTMP broadcast output.

Set a description for your livestream and archived video.

Set the RTMP URL (or Stream URL) credentials from where you are livestreaming to.

Stream Key
Set the Stream Key credentials from where you are livestreaming to.

Specify channel credentials
Set your login credentials for the channel your livestreaming to.

Share Link
Set a shareable custom URL for your livestream.

User Agent
Set whether the livestream is FMLE/3.0, FME/2.5, or XSplit/?. Set to FMLE/3.0 by default.

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