Plugin Store

You can add additional sources, extensions and outputs by installing plugins from the Plugin Store.

There are three types of Plugins you can install in XSplit Broadcaster:

  • Sources are plugins that are placed on the stage such as chat viewers, live alerts and more.

  • Extensions are small programs that add features and expands XSplit Broadcaster’s capabilities.

  • Outputs support the most popular streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, etc.

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Some sources and extensions will require permissions to run scripts in order to work. These include extensions provided by XSplit as well.

When attempting to use a source or extension that requires script permissions, this alert message will also be shown on your XSplit Broadcaster stage:

To allow it access, click Edit Permissions to open the Permissions window. In the Permissions window, check the box beside the source or extension you want to allow access to then click OK.

You can also access the Permissions window by going to Tools then clicking Permissions.

Stream Sharing

While streaming, you can share your stream to Twitter and directly through XSplit Broadcaster.

  • While streaming, go to Tools then click on Share my stream….

  • Click on the social media icons where you want to share the stream. You'll be prompted to authenticate your account if you haven't authorized any of them on your Sharing Settings.

  • Click on any Add Stream Link button to add the link of any active broadcast.

Game Check In

This allows you to tag a game you are currently playing on a post.

Express Video Editor

You can use the Playhead to scrub through the video and select parts you want to split. You can click on a video to select it and drag it to move it.

You can only add MP4 videos to a project with the same resolution and that are not more than 10GB.

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