You can add additional sources, extensions and outputs by installing plugins from the Plugin Store.

There are three types of plugins you can install in XSplit Broadcaster:

  • Sources are plugins that are placed on the stage such as chat viewers, live alerts and more.

  • Extensions are small programs that add features and expands XSplit Broadcaster’s capabilities.

  • Outputs support the most popular streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, etc.

To install a plugin, just select it then click the Install button.

In the Plugin Store, you can use the search bar and click the Magnifying Glass button to search for a particular plugin.

You can see all of your installed plugins by clicking the Show My Plugins button on the upper right corner of the Plugin Store window.

You can update all of your plugins by clicking UPDATE ALL button or each plugin by clicking UPDATE button. You can also uninstall plugins by clicking UNINSTALL.

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