This is where you can find basic settings to enable game source capture, thumbnail previews between scenes and selecting the format for your screenshots.

Disable Aero theme

Disables the Windows 7 Aero theme. (Only for Windows 7)

Enable GPU priority

Gives XSplit Broadcaster's GPU processes higher priority when it comes to sharing the load with other processes.

When trying to stream or record while playing a GPU-intensive processes like games, this may help preserve XSplit Broadcaster's performance.

Enable game source

Enables capturing DirectX, Vulkan and OpenGL games or media player sources.

  • Enable DX12 game capture: Enables capturing of DirectX 12 games.

  • Enable Vulkan game capture: Enables capturing of Vulkan games.

The game may need to be restarted for these options to take effect.

Hide XSplit Broadcaster from display capture

Removes XSplit Broadcaster from Display Capture and from other application which use display capture methods.

Hide top control bar

Hides the top control bar which has the Stream, Record and Screenshot buttons.

Enable In-game HUD

Enables In-game HUD when using game capture. Click here to know more about this feature.

Copy link to clipboard when starting a broadcast

Enables automatic copying of a link to your broadcast output to the clipboard.

Hide viewer count in stream status

Enables the display of the viewer count on the status bar during streaming to certain streaming services.

Thumbnail Preview

Provides options for showing a preview window when you hover on scene button. Requires some graphics resources.

Screenshot capture

Choose between JPEG or BMP image formats for your screenshots.

Log system information

Stores system information that will be useful for XSplit Technical Support.

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