This is where you can set keyboard shortcuts to various XSplit Broadcaster actions and their behavior.

To assign a hotkey, select an action then check and select your desired key combination below.

You can also double-click an action and press your desired key combination.

Setting a hotkey to Push to Talk will automatically mute your mic until the hotkey is pressed. You will need to remove the Push to Talk hotkey to disable this.

You can remove a hotkey binding by clicking X beside it.

Hotkey Options

Select hotkey mode

  • Basic: Allows hotkeys to be assigned from your Windows keyboard only and requires combinations with modifier(s).

  • Advanced: Allows hotkeys to be assigned without modifiers and from MIDI devices. When switching from Advanced to Basic mode, you will need to change all your advanced hotkeys to basic hotkeys.

Change the behavior of hotkeys

You can set how XSplit Broadcaster listens to your assigned hotkeys.

  • Global: Assigned hotkeys can be triggered anywhere, such as in a game or another application.

  • Application: Assigned hotkeys only trigger when XSplit Broadcaster is in focus.

  • Disabled: All assigned hotkeys will not be triggered.

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