Presentation Packager allows you to save your XSplit presentation into a self-contained file which also contains the corresponding directory for each source. This is great for portability and easier sharing of your presentation to other users.

You'll be able to access it by going to Extensions then selecting Presentation Packager.

Exporting Presentations

1. Click Save As….

Enabling Export as BPZip presentation will put the presentation files into a single compressed BPZip file . Otherwise, it will be exported as a BPres file along with a folder containing all the files used by the presentation.

2. Choose the filename and destination folder then click Save.

3. Check if all the details such as the filename and destination are correct. You can also click on Validate File Integrity to make sure that all the files used as sources can be loaded and exported. Once all details are correct, click on Export.

4. When confirmation that the export has completed successfully is shown, you'll be able to find the BPres or BPzip file in the destination folder you chose earlier.

Loading .BPres and .BPZip Presentations

1. To load your exported .BPres files, go to File > Load Presentation….

Make sure that the .BPres file and the folder with all the presentation assets are in the same directory and have not been renamed.

2. The .BPZip files generated from the Presentation Packager can be loaded the same way through the File menu but will have to be extracted first. This window will be shown to let you choose which folder to extract the presentation's files to:

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