The OBS Scene Importer allows you to import a scene collection from OBS Studio into XSplit Broadcaster for an easy and streamlined way to transition between the two applications.

You will have to export your scene collections on OBS Studio first by going to Scene Collection > Export then saving the JSON file.

Importing OBS Scenes

1. Go to Extensions > OBS Scene Importer.

If OBS Scene Importer is not shown in the Extensions menu, you will have to install the extension plugin first through Extensions > Add extensions > Find more extensions.

2. Click then browse and select your exported OBS Scene Collection JSON file.

3. Click Import to continue.

4. Before a new presentation is created from the scene collection you imported, you will be prompted if you want to save your current presentation.

A log file will also be generated in your XSplit logs folder after importing.

Supported Source Types





• Image File Path

Properties dialog will notify you if image is missing on import.

Audio Input

• Selected Device

No Device will be shown if device is not available. Refresh source if device is plugged in and available.


• Local File
• Width
• Height
• Custom CSS
• Refresh Browser when scene becomes active

Custom resolution will be the width and height set in OBS.

Color Source

• Color
• Width
• Height

Display Capture

• Display
• Capture Cursor

Game Capture

• Window
• Capture Cursor

Image Slideshow

• Image Files
• Transition
• Loop
• Time Between Slides

Media Source

• Local File
• Loop
• Show nothing when playback ends.

Scene Source

Text Source

• Text
• Color
• Opacity
• Font
• Alignment
• Outline

Imported values for sizes will be approximations.

Video Capture Device

• Device
• Resolution

No Device will be shown if device is not available. Refresh source if device is plugged in and available.

Window Capture

• Window Value
• Capture Cursor

Supported General Source Properties

The following properties will be imported for sources:Z

Position, Order, Scale, Flip, Rotate¹ and Volume.

Linked Sources and Groups are also supported for import.

¹ Positioning will be different for Rotate values not in multiples of 90°.

Supported Effect Filters

While OBS Studio supports applying the same effect filter to a single source multiple times, only the latest effect filter of a specific type will be imported using the extension. The only exception is the Crop/Pad effect filter.




Crop / Pad

• Left
• Top
• Right
• Bottom

Position and size may be a little off due to framework differences in crop handling.

Color Correction

• Opacity
• Saturation
• Contrast
• Brightness
• Hue

Color Key / Chroma Key

• Key Color Type
• Similarity (Threshold)

Red, Green and Blue chroma key options will be imported. Custom chroma key filters is not supported.

Image Mask

• File path

Scaling / Aspect Ratio

• Resolution

Resolution values will be imported as width and height values.

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