Once you’ve logged in to XSplit Broadcaster, you will be greeted by the XSplit Broadcaster window.

The XSplit Broadcaster window. The ‘New to XSplit Broadcaster‘ splash screen appears when new presentations are created.

At the center is the stage, also known as the mixer, is where you will be arranging your gameplay, video, overlays and other sources before and during your streams and recordings.

You may also want to get familiar with the various parts of XSplit Broadcaster:

Title Bar

By default, it only displays the name of the program but shows more information when you start streaming or recording.

Menu Bar

Gives you access to different menus to create presentations, add sources and outputs and modify different XSplit Broadcaster settings. You can also change workspace, resolution and framerate settings on the right.

Stage Controls

This is where you can mute or adjust your audio and access XSplit Broadcaster settings. You will also be able to rename the currently selected scene here.

Source List

This is a list of your currently added sources. Below it are command buttons to allow you to add, remove, and control your sources.

Scene List

This is where you can add and switch between scenes as well as add scene transitions.

Status Bar – Shows the current display and output FPS, CPU and GPU usage, and virtual memory used by XSplit Broadcaster.

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