The MSINFO32 file contains detailed information on your PC’s hardware and software specifications. This information is only used to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue you are currently having and will be deleted immediately once troubleshootng has finished.

Generating the MSINFO32 .NFO file

1. Go to the Start Menu.

2. Type "System Information" while the Start Menu is open.

3. The System Information App should appear in the Best Match Search Results. Press Enter to open.

Alternative Method:

Click the Windows key on your keyboard+R to open the Run Window. On the Run prompt, type “msinfo32” then click OK.

On the Run prompt, type msinfo32 then click OK.

4. On the System Information window, select File > Save.

Select File > Save.

5. Browse to a folder, type in a filename then click Save.

It’s recommended that the folder and filename you choose can easily be remembered and accessible.
Make sure that the Save as type is set to System Information File (*.NFO) as well

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