With 2FA enabled, logging in your XSplit account will require you to enter both your password and a security code from your mobile phone’s authenticator app like Google Authenticator or Authy.

Note: Google Authenticator or Authy App is required on your mobile device to work.

  1. Log in with your account on the XSplit website.

  2. Under My Account, select Account Settings.

  3. Select the Security & Log In tab then click Turn ON next to Two-Factor Authentication is OFF.

  4. Enter your password on the prompt then click Continue.

  5. Open your mobile authenticator app then select Scan QR Code. Point the camera of your mobile device to the QR code provided on the XSplit website.

  6. Enter the 6-digit number that appears on your Authenticator app to your XSplit webpage then click Submit.

    Note: The Authenticator app generates a 6-digit number and re-generate new numbers every 30 seconds. Enter the number within the given time.

  7. Copy the recovery codes provided which will be used to gain access on your account if you lose your phone.

    Make sure you copy the recovery codes correctly. It will only be shown once.

Signing In with 2FA Enabled

  1. On XSplit website, click Sign Up.

  2. Under Log In, enter your e-mail address and the password associated with your XSplit account. Then click Log In.

  3. On your mobile device, open your authenticator application then copy the code provided.

  4. Enter the code that appears on XSplit website then click Continue.

    Note: The code changes every 30 seconds. Be sure to be quick in entering the code.

Disabling 2FA on your XSplit Account

  1. On your Account Settings, select the Security & Log in tab then click Turn OFF next to Two-Factor Authentication is ON .

  2. A password and security code prompt will appear. Enter your password and the code provided by the authenticator app on your mobile phone then click Disable 2FA.

    Make sure to run your authenticator app on your mobile phone to enter the 6-digit number.

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