With team licenses, you'll be able to manage and assign each license individually to different accounts. You can revoke each license as well and reassign them to a different account as needed.

If you want to start using team licenses, click here to open the Team License Manager or access it by clicking My Account then selecting Team License Manager.

A confirmation message will show up if your account hasn't been set as a Team License Manager yet. Click Confirm to continue.

In this guide, you'll learn:

Other features of the Team License Manager also include:

Adding Licenses

Under your License Summary, you'll have a view showing how many licenses are available to send via invite (or allocate to a Domain License).

If you do not have any licenses available, click on the Add license button to the right of your preferred license type to purchase and add them.

Redeeming Team Licenses

If you've received a team license, you will receive an email invitation. You need to register and create a new XSplit account to accept the offer. If you have an existing XSplit account, all you have to do is login to the XSplit website by clicking the link in the invitation mail.

Once logged in, you will be prompted to accept the XSplit License offer.

After clicking Accept Offer, you will be able to see your updated license status on your Account Settings page.

Note: If you already have an existing Premium License, you cannot accept this offer immediately. If you wish to avail of this offer, you will first have to change the e-mail of your currently licensed account, then sign up for another one using the same e-mail address.

Managing Team Licenses

You'll be able to assign, revoke and renew team licenses on License by Invite section of the page.

To assign new licenses, enter the user's XSplit account email address then click the Assign button.

• Revoke active licenses by clicking the Revoke button.
• Renew expired licenses by clicking the Renew button.

• You can also set licenses to auto-renew by clicking on the Auto Renew toggle.

You may also add multiple email addresses via a list or CSV file by clicking the Add Users button.

Clicking Bulk Actions will allow you to apply status to multiple email addresses licenses by email address, status and auto-renewal setting.

Adding Manager/Viewer Members

You can invite people to help you manage your Team Manager Account.

Go to the Members tab to invite users to be Managers and Viewers of the Team Manager account.

Recipients will receive an invitation email. Click Join Team to accept the invitation.

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