A domain license enables users with verified email addresses in a certain domain to automatically receive an XSplit license.

In this guide, you'll learn:

Setting up and Adding your Domain License

Before you can start managing your domain licenses, you'll need to be a manager of Team License Account.

Click here to learn more about Team Licenses

Once you're set up, click here to open the Domain License dashboard under the Team License Manager.

Adding a Domain License

1. Under Domain License > Licenses, click the Add a Domain License button.

2. Type the domain name in the space provided (e.g. domain.com), then click Add Licenses. The Team License purchase window will appear. Select the license and quantity you want and complete the payment.

3. Once the payment is completed, you should see the licenses are now available for distribution. Set the number of licenses to add to your domain then click Submit.

The domain license is now available for use. Users need to log in and activate their account to the XSplit website using the email address under your domain to automatically receive the license.

NOTE: Licenses are automatically applied on a first-come-first-served basis.

Domain License Management

Domain License Status

Unused domain licenses are marked as PENDING

Used domain licenses are marked as ACCEPTED

Depending on the license you have purchased, you may click the Auto-Renew toggle so the license under this domain user will automatically renew.

Download CSV

Generate a CSV file of your existing domain licenses by clicking Download CSV under the Licenses tab.

Manage Domain License

To manage your domain license, click Domain Settings.

Select the domain you want to manage by clicking on the Select Domain menu.

1. To modify the total number of allocated licenses under your selected domain, type in your desired amount in the Total Allocated field. You cannot go beyond your total available licenses.

2. To disable domain license, click the Disable @domain.com button. This will prevent users under your domain from acquiring new licenses when they log in/activate their XSplit accounts.

3. You can reactivate a previously disabled domain license by clicking the Reactivate @domain.com button.

4. To permanently delete your domain license, click the Delete @domain.com button.

Blacklist User from Domain

To prevent the user from acquiring a slot under the domain license, click the Blacklist button to the right side of the domain license list. Blacklisting a user will free the claimed slot for others to use.

Go to the Blacklisted Users tab to view the list of blacklisted users for your domain.

Click the Unblock button to remove an email address from the blacklist. This will allow the user to receive a license again on the next log in attempt.

Verifying your domain for Single Sign-on (SSO) integration

System administrators can also set up Single sign-on (SSO) integration to simplify the sign-in process into XSplit applications for their domain license users.

Once your domain has been verified, you will be able to configure SSO.

Click here to learn more about configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) for Organizations

SSO Verification Methods

Before you can use your SSO on your domain, you must verify that you control the domain first

1. By DNS Update - Head over to your DNS Provider and add a TXT record.

2. By File Upload - You need to upload a file to the domain’s web server.

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