Upon launch, XSplit VCam will automatically detect your connected webcam.

If you’re using multiple supported camera devices, you’ll be able to choose from them through the VCam window.

Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Camera icon on top and select your camera device.

Refresh your Camera Source

If your webcam is disconnected or isn’t detected, click the Refresh camera icon to restore your webcam’s signal. In addition, make sure that other applications are not currently using the same device you’ve selected on VCam.

After that, all VCam features such as background removal and replacement will now be available to use with your selected source.

Accessing your Camera's Settings

Click on "..." next to the Refresh camera button and select Webcam settings. This will open your camera device’s properties window.

(Some settings, such as zoom, pan, tilt may not be available depending on the camera device you're using.)

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