If XSplit VCam is freezing please try the following.

Please remove XSplit VCam as a video source from all software.

  • For streaming software, simply delete XSplit VCam source from all scenes and re-add it back manually.

  • For video chat software, check the video settings and re-select XSplit VCam as your virtual camera source.

If the VCam app continues to freeze, create a crash dump prior to closing XSplit VCam with the task manager. If you don’t know how to create a crash dump, you can see how to in this guide. Make sure that you are creating the crash dump while the VCam app is frozen.

Once you have created a crash dump, zip the file and upload it to your preferred file sharing service. Click on the chat bubble at the bottom right of this page to start a chat with our support team. Let them know about the issue that is occurring and share a link to the crash dump file you uploaded.

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