Although it is already possible to stream to Twitch directly through our Twitch Live Plugin, it is possible to run an RTMP stream as well as an extra option or back up.

Obtaining the RTMP URL and Stream Key

1. On the Twitch Webpage, click on your Profile Icon and select Creator Dashboard.

2. Show the Navigation bar by clicking the icon next to Home.

3. Click on Preferences > Stream and copy the Primary Stream key shown.

4. Your Stream URL for twitch is always be: rtmp://

Setting up the Custom RTMP Output

1. Click on Broadcast > Set up a New Output and select Custom RTMP.

2. Enter the RTMP URL and Stream Key on their respective slots.

3. A Name for your RTMP output is required. This way, you can identify each RTMP output when you have more than one Custom RTMP output.
4. Click OK and you should be able to access these as an output under Broadcast and start your stream directly.

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