The General Purpose clock provides a variety of functions from displaying the current time to being used as a timer. You can use the clock for keeping time displayed on your scene or showing a countdown timer before your stream begins.

You'll first need to have an existing Text source to access the General Purpose Clock options.

Setting up the General Purpose Clock

  • Right-click on the text source you want to edit to open its source properties.

  • Enable Script to use the Clock feature. By default, it will show your current time.

  • Click the gear icon next to the dropdown bar to open the clock’s settings. The settings will give you clock and timer options that you can use.

Clock Settings Properties


Set the Mode that the clock will operate in.

  • Clock

    Displays the current time in AM/PM format.

  • Clock24

    Displays the current time in 24hour format.

  • Count

    Counts towards or away from a certain time and date.

  • Date

    Displays the current date in mm/dd/yyyy format.

  • Duration

    Counts up starting from the time of load. Check "Keep Source in Memory" to avoid reloading in-between scenes.

  • Timer

    Counts down a certain number of minutes and seconds. Check "Keep Source in Memory" to avoid reset in-between scenes and use Count Mode if counting up for more than 2 hours.

Text Before and Text After

Displays the text before/after the clock. You can add a space at the end of/before the text.

Count Mode / Duration Mode Settings

  • Date

    Date to countdown/up from. Place in a future date to count from it and in a present/past date to count up from it.

  • Time

    Time to countdown/up from in 24h format. Will countdown/up the time in the date set.

  • Format

    The time format to be used.

  • Hide Extra Zero

    Hides the zero on the leftmost number if it is a single digit.

Date Mode Settings

  • Date Format

    Toggle between displaying the date short format (Mon 01/31/21) or long format (Monday, January 1, 2021).

  • Display Day before Month

    Sets the day to be shown before the month. (Mon, 31/01/21 or Monday, 1 January 2021).

Timer Mode Settings

  • Minutes

    Set a value between 0-120.

  • Seconds

    Set a value between 0-59.

  • Format

    Select a time format either MM:SS (minutes:seconds) or SS (seconds only).

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