Adding your guests remotely is possible on XSplit Broadcaster for your podcasts, interviews, and other live stream presentation format. First choose which video conferencing application you will use (i.e. Teams, Discord, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).

If you are using Skype, you can learn how to use the Skype NDI feature integrated with Broadcaster here.

First, set up a call with your guest on your video conferencing application and add it as a screen capture source on your Broadcaster’s scene.

  • Click on Add Source > Screen Capture and choose either Smart Selection or Window Capture then select your active video conference.

Make your guests presentable by adding overlays. XSplit Broadcaster also has presentation presets that include overlays to dress up your scene. When you start a new presentation, choose any of the sample presentations to open a set of scenes with overlays.

If you have your own overlay that you wish to use, you can add it locally as a Media File source, or as a Webpage source if the overlay is browser-based.

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