Present using a web conferencing app or projecting to a monitor

XSplit Presenter can present through any web conferencing tools or display a fullscreen presentation on a separate monitor.

To get instructions on how to present to your preferred application, click on Present > Web conferencing tool, select from the drop down menu, and an instruction will appear on the window.

To Project to a monitor, you can select which monitor to project your presentation onto.

Streaming your presentation to different platforms

Streaming to different platforms is coming soon! In the meantime, you may share your preferred outputs where you would like to stream here.

Recording your presentation

You can record your presentation easily and save a video file to your local drive.

Click the Record button at the bottom part of the Presenter app window to start recording. The Record button will change into a Stop button once the recording is in session. Once the presentation has been recorded, it will be automatically saved into your computer.

You can also pause and continue recording by clicking the Pause icon next to the Stop button.

A pop-up notification will appear when the recording has ended.

If you want to change the location of your recordings, click the menu button at the top-left corner of Presenter, go to Settings, and click the Recording tab.

Click the Change button under DIRECTORY and select your preferred folder location.

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