In this guide you will learn the basics of using the app. We have put together 4 steps which will help you make the most out of XSplit Presenter, from preparation to presentation.

1. Adding your own presentation and basic slide controls

XSplit Presenter allows you to load your very own presentation files from Powerpoint, Google Slides, and PDFs via the Connect Presentation Menu.

2. Adding sources to your presentation

Improve interactivity with your participants by adding a camera, media files, and other elements to your presentation. These sources can be added as an entire slide by going to the Add Slide Menu, or via the Overlay Element Menu to add them as an overlay within an existing slide.

3. Projecting or recording your presentation

Your presentation can be shown to your participants by projecting it to another display/adding it as a virtual camera using your favorite video conferencing apps via the Present button, by clicking the Record Button to save a video of the entire presentation to your local drive.

4. Streaming your presentation

Stream your presentation directly to popular platforms like Youtube and Facebook by clicking the Stream button. Link your social media accounts to share your stream to your viewers online!

5. Using XSplit Presenter’s extra features and tools (transitions, whiteboard, presenter notes)

XSplit Presenter comes with extra features and tools that will level up the look and feel of your presentation. The Transition Menu will add transitional effects to each slide. The Whiteboard Tool allows you to write on your presentation screen, and Presenter Notes ensures you will not forget important details of your presentation.

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