XSplit Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to earn incentives through referral sales that were previously only available to XSplit Elites.

As an XSplit Affiliate, you’ll have your personal referral link and discount code that you can promote on your channels. You'll earn 10% incentive for every referral sale made through your referral link.

How can I become an XSplit Affiliate?

Step 1: Sign up on our Affiliate Program.

  • Enter the required information, verify the reCAPTCHA and click Sign up now.

Step 2: Setup your Affiliate profile.

  • Enter the required information on Profile Settings page.

  • Once you’re done, click Save.

  • Enter your Paypal email address on Preferred Payout Method Page.

  • Once you’re done, click Add.

Note: You can also skip this step, but you still need to set this up to be able to receive the referral sales.

Step 3: Wait for your application to be processed.

  • Your application will be sent to our Marketing team for approval.

  • Once you’re application has been approved, you’ll receive an email from our Marketing team.

Note: For now, approval of your application is done manually. Please make sure that you complete your application form with the correct details.

How does a discount code work?

You can generate your personalized discount code that you can share with your followers. You’ll receive a commission once they purchased a license with this discount code.

Note: Discount codes are case-sensitive and spaces or any special characters can’t be used. You won’t be able to change your personalized discount code once this has been approved by our marketing team.

How does a referral link work?

Aside from discount code, a personalized referral link can also be shared with your followers. The discount code will apply automatically upon purchase. Anyone who has clicked on your referral link will have to complete the purchase within 90 days.

You can change the referral code on the link by going to the Assets tab and clicking Advanced.

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