XSplit Broadcaster allows you to present your scenes to your colleagues by adding them as a virtual camera on Zoom. This adds more personality to your presentations and makes interactions feel more realistic.

Setting up your webcam on XSplit Broadcaster

First, you need to add your webcam as a device source into your Broadcaster scene:

  • Click on Add Source > Devices > Video and select your webcam.

Afterward, you select the source you need for your upcoming Zoom session. You can also add extra sources into your Scene, such as a media file source for your company logo. Click here to see what sort of sources you can include in your scenes.

Setting up XSplit Broadcaster as a Virtual Camera

On Zoom, select XSplitBroadcaster as your camera input.

  • Click the arrow next to Start Video and select XSplitBroadcaster

Once you have done that, you should see that whatever you have in your active scene on Broadcaster will reflect in your Zoom camera preview. However, Zoom will also mirror your image by default.

Disabling the Mirrored View on Zoom

  • Go to your Zoom app settings and click the Video tab then disable Mirror my video under My Video.

After unchecking the box, your video will appear normal in your Zoom window.

Adding Effects to Your Webcam Source

To change the outlook of your webcam, right-click on your webcam source to open its source properties, and click on the Effects tab.

The Effects tab allows you to change the way your webcam looks or behaves.


  • Shape

    Allows you to change the shape of your webcam (Square, Rounded, Oval, or Diamond)

  • File

    Allows you to add an image as a blend-in background to either your webcam source or the whole scene itself


  • Allows you to add effects to your webcam (Sharpen, Monochrome, etc.)


  • You can choose what transition effect you want your webcam to do as you are transitioning from the Scene (Fade to Black, etc.)

Advanced Tip for using Broadcaster as a Virtual Camera

If you want to choose another scene other than your Live Scene to present in your Broadcaster, you can do this by going to Playout > Virtual Camera and choose which Scene you would like to present.

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