Files is where the images and videos you’ve uploaded to the cloud using XSplit Capture and XSplit Presenter are saved.

File-Specific Properties

Clicking the media file will take you to the properties page for that specific image/video.

Next to the File name is the Copy Link Button, which copies the URL of the uploaded file.

Next to that button is the menu icon that allows you to manage your media file further. Go to Managing your Media files to know more about these options.

  • Description

    Click the Edit Button to more detailed information about the file

  • Tags

    Adds different tags to the file

  • Attachments

    Upload images and document files related to the file you have uploaded My Media accepts .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx.

  • Start A Discussion

    Allows people to comment about the media file you have uploaded. They need to be logged in to their XSplit accounts before they can leave comments. The menu button next to the comments will allow you to edit or delete your own comments.

Managing Your Files

Click the icon to the lower right corner of the file to open the menu

  • Rename

    Changes the file name of your uploaded media

  • Download

    Downloads the media file to your device

  • Copy Link

    Copies the URL of the media file to your system clipboard

  • Copy Embed Code

    Generates and copies an HTML code which you can paste to a website

  • Delete

    Permanently removes the media file to My Media

  • Settings

    Opens up more advanced settings for your media file for added security and control

Slides Metadata

(XSplit Presenter Recordings only)

A feature that's unique to recordings uploaded from XSplit Presenter is the ability to view and control slide navigation straight from My Media.

Just click the Slide selector and select your preferred slide. This will bring you to the part of the video that shows that specific slide.

Click here to know how you can capture, upload, and share images and videos captured from your computer screen using XSplit Capture.

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