XSplit Broadcaster 4.2 and above supports the use of VST3 Plugins (to know more about VST3 Plugins on XSplit Broadcaster, click here )

Note: Not all plugins will work. Our developers are actively developing this feature to improve its compatibility with more VST3 plugins.

If you know of other compatible VST3 Plugins that works with Broadcaster but not in the list, feel free to contact Support so we can test and add them for you.

Here's a list of VST3 Plugins currently known to work with XSplit Broadcaster:

  • RoughRider3

  • BX CleanSweep V2

  • MJUCjr

  • SPL De-Verb Plus

  • TDR Nova

  • Valhalla Supermassive

  • TAL-Reverb 4

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